About Us

What’s HyperRay.com ?

HyperRay is a Team .

What’s your Team Services ?

HyperRay Team do E-works . For example Our group provide Programs , Operating System , Internet Services and so on .
All of our services and our products always will be free and Open Source .

Why your Team name is HyperRay ?

HyperRay have Amphibology .
First meaning of HyperRay is a ray that is very powerly .
but second meaning of HyperRay is a ray that have more than three dimensions .

What is your team targets ?

Our target is help to Open Source and free Softwares .
And other our target is help to you and give to you free services  .

Why you want to work free ?

Because HyperRay admin love that .

Who designed your website ?

Our website designed by HyperRay Team and with bigs helps of Gitisoft team .

I Want to Help HyperRay Team .

Now just You can help us with your visits and suggests .